Meet Jennifer

Hello everyone, my name is Jennifer Salazar, and I just finished my ASN degree in nursing at UVU!! Prior to finishing my ASN I had worked as a CNA, and then as an LPN. I am excited, and slightly nervous, to say that I will be starting my first job as an RN in the hospital this Monday! I will be working on a Medical Surgical Unit. I am excited for all of the skill that I will learn on this floor, but the Emergency Department is my real passion. I was able to complete an internship, and a capstone in the Emergency Department, and loved everything about it. However, the Emergency Department does come with a pretty steep learning curve, and working on a Medical/Surgical unit first will give me the skill I need to be successful. 

So what is the purpose of this blog you may ask. This blog is an opportunity for me to document things that I am learning through the BSN program. I am not going to be using it to track assignments, but I will be using it to track my own personal growth. I will document the changes I have seen in my perspective, along with reflections, and thoughts I have had to different things I have read, and seen. I hope to use this blog so I can see my own personal growth and development throughout the BSN program, and into my career as an RN.